Alleged Drunk Driver Five Times Over Legal Limit Caught Twice In One Evening

Forrestfield Police caught a Perth man allegedly drink driving on two separate incidents in one night -- at the same location.

Police were initially called to the scene in Perth's south-east on Saturday night around 9pm after a car crashed through the wall of a building.

The 66-year-old driver failed a breath test -- recording an alleged blood alcohol content of 0.239 percent (nearly five times the legal limit).

He was charged with a DUI and issued with an Immediate Disqualification Notice for driving, after which he was driven home by police officers.

The car crashed through the perimeter wall of a building. Source: Western Australia Police Force.

The officers then returned to the scene of the crash to complete an assessment but they noticed an Isuzu truck arriving at the scene -- it was allegedly being driven by the man they had just dropped home.

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Officers arrested the man again, who recorded an alleged blood alcohol content of 0.225 percent this time and was charged again.

He was also served with a No Authority to Drive charge because of the earlier incident and the truck was impounded.

The man is due to appear in Midland Magistrates Court on Wednesday.