'Fed Up' Truck Driver's Dashcam Shows Two Scary Near-Misses In Two Days

A truckie is speaking out after a pair of shocking close calls while driving on a busy highway left him shaking his head.

Bryan Burman has been behind the wheel for 22 years, and see drivers take risks on country roads every day.

After two dangerous near-misses on the Sturt Highway in as many days, he shared his dashcam vision online as a wakeup call to other motorists. The incidents show cars being forced off the road to avoid a head-on crash with a vehicle coming the other way, trying to overtake Burman's truck.

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"I think as a driver on the road every day, you get immune to it after a while. Doesn't make it any easier... it definitely gets to you," he told 10 News First.

"People need to learn to be patient, slow down, we're travelling slower so it is going to take you longer.. allow more time to get to where you're going."

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The 40-year-old says these sorts of close calls are all too common in recent years, and he knows just how quickly things can turn deadly.

"I've had a car coming towards me, and a fella fell asleep on the road," Burman recounted.

"He went off into the gravel and swerved to come back and actually got ejected out through the window."

A total of 56 people have been killed on South Australian roads this year, compared with 35 at the same time last year. SA Police are aware of the footage and urge all road users to report dangerous driving - especially if they have dashcam vision.

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Burman hopes sharing his experience -- and the frightening footage -- will remind other drivers why it's not worth the rush, and encourage them to think twice before impatiently trying to overtake a truck.

"I love my wife and kids, I wanna make it home at the end of the week," he said.

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