Moment Teen Attacked By Sea Lion Caught On Video

A teen's friend has captured the moment a sea lion emerging out of the water and attacking her as she was playing in the ocean.

Megan Pagnini, 13, was having fun splashing around in the water at Pismo Beach, California when the creature jumped up and bit her on the thigh.

13-year-old girl attacked by sea lion while at California beach. Image CBS17
13-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Sea Lion While At California Beach. Image CBS17

“I felt it on my leg and I looked down and freaked out, I didn’t know what it was. All I knew is something was attacking me.” She told KSBY.

People walking past quickly jumped to the girl's aid.

The unprovoked attack was captured on video by her friend.

California Fish and Wildlife Patrol Captain Todd Tognazzini said attacks like these are extremely rare.

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They are now treating the sea lion for possible domoic acid poisoning, a toxin that may have neurological effects.

They believe the sea lion may have ingested fish that had eaten toxic algae which explains the erratic behaviour.

The teen was taken to the hospital for treatment and the sea lion was turned over to The Marine Mammal Center, where it will be released into the wild when it shows signs of normality.