'You're Being A Creep': Passenger Stands Up To Man Hitting On Schoolgirl

A man has been commended for outing a stranger who hit on a teenage girl at the back of a busy Sydney bus.

Christopher Moriarty was on his way to a funeral on Tuesday morning when he saw what he described as a "sleazy guy walking up the bus aisle and eyeing off a school girl's legs", before taking a seat right next to her.

When the man told the teenager she had a "nice smile", Moriarty, who was sitting on the other side of the girl, groaned while the girl explained she was underage.

After peppering the girl with questions about her actual age, with no response, Moriarty stepped in.

"She's a schoolgirl, dude. You're being a creep," he said.

That's when things took a serious turn.

Photo: Christopher Moriarty via Facebook

Moriarty told 10 daily the man quickly became aggressive, threatening to "bash and kill" him several times.

"[I told him] threats of violence in a public space with multiple witnesses doesn't seem very smart, but then you were just hitting on a schoolgirl so I don't know what more I expected," Moriarty recalled to 10 daily.

The man then launched into another foul-mouthed tirade, threatening to "bash the sh**" out of him before offering for both to get off the bus so he could "smash [Moriarty's] teeth out".

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It was then that Moriarty called out to the full bus: "You all saw that."

And they did. People began to turn around and film the incident as evidence.

After more threats of violence, yelling and foul-mouthed insults, Moriarty disembarked at his stop, but not before a stranger offered to send him the footage, which has since been posted on social media.

While that particular video runs for 34 seconds, Moriarty said the incident lasted several minutes.

A man (left) has been labelled a 'creep' after 'hitting on' a schoolgirl on a Sydney bus. Photo: Facebook via Christopher Moriarty.

"I stepped in because he was just going to keep at her, making her morning commute uncomfortable and awkward and because he was creepily versed on "how young is too young" and how young is legal," he said.

He told 10 daily he had been the victim of an unprovoked attacked in broad daylight seven years ago, in the middle of Sydney's CBD, and nobody stepped in to help.

After being hit, stomped on, kicked and shot with an air rifle, Moriarty said he ended up in hospital with broken ribs and a cracked cheekbone.

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"I got real angry about the violence on Sydney streets for a while there," he explained.

"I became a bit of a hermit for a bit too. Eventually, I rejoined society.

"Now I know what to expect when someone threatens violence. I'm prepared for it.

"I don't welcome it but I know what it'll feel like when I step in to help someone, find myself outmatched, and it doesn't go my way."

sydney bus
Strangers on the bus offered to send Moriarty the videos they filmed. Photo: Getty.

Moriarty admits he doesn't know the girl or the man involved and hasn't had a chance to speak to authorities yet.

He's called on Australians to call out this kind of behaviour and shame anyone who disrespects women, especially teenagers.

"We as men should be creating a world where women and girls feel safe to say no and leave it at that without having to explain why," he said.

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The Facebook post about the incident was quick to gain traction, notching up more than 300 likes and 93 shares. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Thank you, it takes an excellent and brave human to stand up against this kind of behaviour," one user said. "Not only did you support this young woman but you also showed the other passengers exactly what being an active bystander is all about."

"This is what it looks like to be an ally for women," said another. "I hope this is the kind of behaviour that men start to look up to".

"I can tell you nearly every woman at some point has been that school girl and that creepy dude's reaction is why we are too scared to just tell them to F Off," said a third. "Thank you for standing up to that creep, we need more men to do this."