WATCH: Motorbike Rider Lucky To be Alive After Harrowing Smash

WARNING: Graphic

Dashcam footage has emerged of the shocking moment a motorbike smashed into a car in Sydney's north, sending the rider flying into a gutter.

A silver Volkswagon can be seen preparing to turn right at the intersection of Wakehurst Pkwy and Dreadnought Road in Oxford Falls just after 8.20am on Friday morning.

After a stream of cars pass, the driver of the wagon seemingly declares the intersection safe and accelerates across, just as the rider zooms straight through, ploughing into the bonnet.

Photo: Dash Cam Owners Australia via Facebook

The bike flips several times before crashing into a stationary car, leaving a trail of debris in its path.

The rider is flung straight into the barrier ahead and lands in a ditch.

Quick thinking tradesman ran to help, while the woman in the stationary vehicle phoned emergency services.

The man, 33, was stabilised at the scene before being taken to Royal North Shore hospital with a serious compound fracture to his leg.

NSW Police have told 10 daily that while investigations are continuing, it looks like the rider may have run a late orange or red light.

There had been no fines issued or charges laid by Monday morning.

Photo: Dash Cam Owners Australia via Facebook

Video of the incident, which you can watch at the top of this page, was posted to Facebook over the weekend and has amassed close to 2,000 comments.

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One user claimed to be one of several workers seen running towards to rider.

"This is the first time seeing what actually happened," he wrote. "None of us left the rider we were there with a couple of nurses who also assisted us in keeping the rider calm til the ambos and all that arrived. From what I've heard the rider will be ok," he continued.

"Wow Gotta be impressed with the workers running all that way to help before anyone else," said a second user.

Many others wished the rider a speedy recovery.