Pitbull Hijacks Police Car, Steals Beef Jerky

Police were responding to a call of an aggressive dog running loose.

When the officer arrived, he thought he might be able to capture it by opening his car door and coaxing him into the back seat, which was caged in.

The officer accidentally left the driver's side door open as well in his hasty attempt to catch the elusive pup.

The dog apparently decided it would much rather be in the front seat than caged in the back, and jumped inside.

When the officer tried to get him back out, he became aggressive, so the officer slammed the door shut, trapping him in the car.

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A dispatcher heard strange sounds coming from the car over the radio and asked what was going on at the scene.

The police officer sent this picture back to the station to the dispatcher who commented that the dog did not look happy.

The officer replied, "He ain't, and neither am I."

Luckily for the officer, Animal Control arrived and took the dog into custody... guilty of hijacking a police car and theft of beef jerky.