Eddie Betts Scored A Goal So Spectacular Even The Opposition Congratulated Him

The goal is just another addition to the Eddie Betts highlight reel.

Some 40,000 fans are packed into the Adelaide Oval, the siren is minutes away from ending the final quarter, and the Adelaide Crows are up by 29 points.

It's Thursday night, and Richmond's Sydney Stack has the unenviable task of playing on Crow veteran Eddie Betts. He probably knows by now that his side isn't going to win - but at least on a personal level, Betts hasn't scored a goal against him.

"All game he was getting stuck into me," Betts told Adelaide radio show FiveAA on Friday morning.

"Every opportunity that he had when he played on me, (he said) no special goals tonight mate. No special goals. I'm gonna make sure you're not gonna kick one."

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And that almost seemed certain, when Betts attempted a left-foot snap in the final quarter -- with the kick quickly smothered by Stack.

"He got back up and was like, I told ya! Not happening tonight mate!" Betts said.

"But the exact next play, (the goal) happened, and I was like, yeah.. I got you tonight, brother."

Adelaide Oval erupted - and even Stack couldn't hide his disbelief -- shaking his head as he gave Betts a high-five, followed by a hug.

Richmond's Sydney Slack congratulates Adelaide's Eddie Betts on his goal.

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The goal helped the Crows seal a victory, but the rookie Tiger's response has divided the footy world.

Commentator Gary Lyon voiced his disapproval on Fox after the game.

"Flat out, I don't like it," he said.

"I know it might make me sound like a grinch but I don't like it."

But many fans told 10 News First they saw it as a sign of respect.

"I thought it was a good gesture, a nice little touch," one fan said.

"Someone from the other team obviously going out of their way to give you a hug, like that's great sportsmanship," said another.

Regardless of how you feel about the celebration, there's little doubt this Eddie special is (another) serious contender for Goal Of The Year.

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