Popstar Charged After Bear Spotted Roaring From Her Apartment Window

The Malaysian singer said she mistook the bear cub for a dog when she found it on the side of the road before taking it home.

Zarith Sofia Yasin, 27, is under investigation after a bear was spotted roaring outside of her window in her Malaysian apartment.

Neighbours contacted local authorities immediately after filming the incident and posting it up on social media.

The post received over 70,000 views and left some users shocked.

"Oh My god, the sound is scary la", one user wrote. 

The singer originally found the bear injured on the side of the road which she initially thought was a dog. She took him home and named him Bruno.

“It was night time when I found the bear cub in a weakened state by the side of the road – and I thought it was dog!” local media reported.

"I only wanted to save the bear, I had no intention of exploiting it," she said.

Yasin claimed she never intended to break the law and she was going to hand the animal over to a zoo once Bruno regained strength.

The woman claimed that she ‘only wanted to save the bear’ and had ‘no intention of exploiting it’. Image: Instagram - zarithsofia_zsloverz

Bruno -- said to be six-months-old -- is now in good health,  he is in the care of the Wildlife and National Park in Malaysia.

He is classified as a sun bear which is an endangered species and protected under the nation's Wildlife Conservation Act of 2010.

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Sun bears require a special diet especially if their mothers are not with them, says Bornean Sun Bear Con­servation Centre founder Dr Wong Siew Te.

According to reports, the singer said she fed Bruno chocolate.

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks arrested the 27-year-old on June 7.

Facing court on Thursday, Yasin pleaded not guilty to the two charges of harbouring a protected and endangered species.

If convicted, the singer could face a fine of about $70,000 AUD (RM200,000) and 10 years in prison.

She is currently on bail.

Feature image: Facebook - Zarith Sofia Yasin/ Ida Shareena

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