Brekky Wrap: Mum 'Baffled' After Child Care Centre Gave Daughter Henna Tattoo

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Iran for attacks on two tankers in the Gulf Of Oman. One of the tankers sank, while the other was hit with a torpedo, but all crew membe0rs from both ships were safely evacuated. The attacks come amid increasing tensions between the US and Iran. It’s unclear who is behind the attacks.

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The construction of the Adani Carmicheal coal mine could start in just weeks after the Queensland Government gave the controversial project the final go-ahead. The decision was delivered yesterday, after nearly a decade of planning and associated public protests. A protest against the decision will be held in Brisbane next week and could disrupt peak-hour traffic.

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A major recall has been issued for eight varieties of milk sold in Victoria and southern New South Wales amid fears the products contain cleaning chemicals. The milk is sold at major retailers including Coles, Woolworths and IGA. Anyone who fears they have ingested the milk in question is being urged to see a doctor immediately.

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Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke will be remembered at a State Funeral in Sydney today. Thousands of people are expected to sit on the steps of the Sydney Opera House to watch the event on a large screen as it happens. Hawke died last month at the age of 89.

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A mother in the UK was left "baffled" after her four-year-old daughter's childcare gave her a henna tattoo without asking parental permission. While she doesn't consider henna dangerous, the mother was "miffed that nursery staff thought it was ok to give my four-year-old a temporary tattoo". The mother who made the complaint via UK parenting site Mumsnet.

The daycare centre allegedly responded to the mother's concerns, saying her daughter insisted on having the tattoo done. Other parents' responses were mixed on social media -- some said she had reason to be upset about the tattoo, while others told her to "get a grip".

Henna Tattoo
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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is one step closer to being extradited to the US. The British Home Secretary formally received the request from the US Justice Department and it will now be considered, with a final decision being made by Britain's courts.  Assange is currently serving a 50-week jail sentence for skipping bail.

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The Matildas have staged an epic come-from-behind win against Brazil at the Football World Cup. The Aussies were two goals down but managed to score three goals to defeat their South American rivals 3-2. The win has revived the Matilda's campaign at the tournament after an early loss to Italy.

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There’s a new push to get children to eat vegetables. Food giant Kraft has renamed their Ranch Dressing ‘Salad Frosting’ to entice kids to eat their greens.  But experts warn kids could become dependent on processed vegetables rather than eating the actual thing.

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