Brekky Wrap: Teen Snatches And Slams Child Into The Ground

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

Investigations continue this morning after two men were shot by police on the Victoria-New South Wales border. It’s believed the men were wanted for terror-related questioning. Police say the men rammed their car into a police patrol vehicle before approaching with weapons last night.  Both men were taken to a hospital in Melbourne for treatment for their gun-shot wounds.

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Police car. Source: Getty.

The final decision on the controversial Adani mine will be handed down today. The Queensland government is set to reveal if it’s happy with Adani's groundwater management plan,  including its strategy to protect sacred wetlands. There have long been fears over the environmental impacts of the mine including plant and animal species that rely on the mine-area for survival.

A 17-year-old is facing charges after slamming a baby into the pavement while allegedly high on laced marijuana in Oklahoma. The one-year-old, Jenzen was inside his capsule when the teen walked up and smashed him into the ground while his mother unpacked groceries into their car. Luckily, Jenzen was strapped into the carrier at the time but he still suffered abrasions to his neck and head. The teenager was arrested nearby and was taken to hospital for drug testing, before being charged by police.

Teen on Drugs
The teenager allegedly grabbed the baby. Photo: CBS News.

Boris Johnson has launched his bid to become the UK Prime Minister after Theresa May left the role. The former Foreign Secretary kicked off his campaign, promising he would successfully lead the UK out of the European Union. Johnson is an early favourite to become the UK’s next leader.

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Social media influencers are under fire for taking pictures of themselves at the Chernobyl nuclear zone for Instagram. They are being reminded thousands of people died or were poised in the area.

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chernobyl instagram

Violent protests continue on the streets of Hong Kong. Police have used tear gas and rubber bullets on people protesting against a controversial bill that would see suspected criminals face trial in mainland China. Protesters hurled traffic cones and plastic bottles at police and even blocked the entrance to parliament delaying debate on the bill.

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Protesters face off with police after they fired tear gas during a rally against a controversial extradition law proposal. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images.

Australia has secured a 41-run win over Pakistan at the Cricket World Cup. Batsman David Warner delivered a stunning 107 runs for Australia. The win puts the Aussies second on the leaderboard behind New Zealand.

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