Thirsty Traveller Sues Emirates Airlines After Not Having Enough Water On-Board

A thirsty traveller is suing Emirates airlines, claiming she collapsed after being denied adequate water on a long-haul flight.

Lina Di Falco, 54, has told Victoria's Supreme Court she suffers constant ankle pain from an injury on the March 2015 flight from Melbourne to Dubai, after repeated requests for water.

ina Di Falco leaves the Old High Court building in Melbourne
Lina Di Falco leaves the Old High Court building in Melbourne, Tuesday, June 11, 2019. Image: AAP

Di Falco said she was given just one glass with her meal more than an hour after the plane took off, but that wasn't enough.

Barrister John Ribbands, representing Emirates, told the court on Tuesday the plane had a water fountain available for passengers' use, but  Di Falco said she did not see it.

An Emirates Airbus A380 plane comes into land at Heathrow Airport from Dubai. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The passenger said had asked for water four times before going to the bathroom, feeling dizzy and like she was going to vomit.

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The trial continues.