Man Manages To Rob Two Banks Armed With An Avocado

A creative thief held up two banks in Israel and made off with $12,000 cash. His weapon of choice? An avocado.

The accused entered Postal Bank at a shopping centre in Beersheba in mid-May and slipped the teller a misspelt, handwritten note demanding she hand over cash.

"Hand over the money in the drawer," the note read in Hebrew, according to the Times of Israel. 

The man, 47, then allegedly told the woman to "put the money in the bag quickly or I'll throw this grenade."

As he raised his right arm, fingers wrapped around a black object, the frightened teller conceded, handing over 16,000 Israeli shekels -- about AU$6,500.

A man robs a Postal Bank branch in Israel in May 2019. Photo: Israel Police

The 'grenade' he threatened to detonate was not even close to an explosive device, it turned out to be an avocado, painted black.

But, just five days later, the man managed to pull the very same stunt at a separate Postal Bank branch and shopping centre in Beersheba.

This time he escaped with 12,000 Israeli Shekel -- AU$4,800.

The 'weapon' looked like this but black. Photo: Getty

A review of CCTV footage unveiled the stealth of the operation. Not only was the robber wearing hats and sunglasses to keep his identity under wraps, but he also wore an eyepatch in both robberies.

His fault? Carrying a mobile phone.

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Police managed to track the accused down after his phone pinged off the right towers to place him at the scene.

It didn't take officers long to find the avoffender and put him behind bars.

It turns out it wasn't his first smash and enter, he'd previously been jailed for robbery.