Brekky Wrap: Intruder Arrested After Trying To Microwave Butter In Stranger's Home

All the news you need to know this Wednesday.

Wild weather is expected to lash much of Victoria today. Almost the entire state has been issued with a severe weather warning as a cold front sweeps across, bringing destructive winds and heavy rain. South Australia’s coast is expected to cop similar conditions.

A teenage girl has been charged, accused of punching a police officer in the face at a shopping centre in Sydney’s north. The female constable and another officer were moving the group of teenagers on at about 4.30pm yesterday afternoon when the girl, 14, allegedly lashed out. The attack came hours after a police officer was stabbed with a makeshift spear while serving an arrest warrant in Sydney’s southwest. A father and son will front court today.

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Constable Jacob Vella was stabbed and slashed with a makeshift spear on Tuesday. Photo: NSW Police

The aspiring rapper who pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of international student Aiia Maasarwe is due in court today. Last week, Cody Herrmann admitted to the brutal attack in Melbourne's north nearly six months ago. He is expected to front Victoria's Supreme Court for a directions hearing.

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Codey Herrmann is due in court today after pleading guilty to the rape and murder of Aiia Maasarwe

The U.S. has formally submitted an extradition request for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The Australian is accused of publishing classified information and of conspiring with a former army private to crack a Defence Department computer password. He’s currently serving time in a U.K. prison for skipping bail.

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Julian Assange is already behind bars in the U.K. but could soon be extradited to the U.S. Photo: Getty

A woman has been arrested, accused of breaking into a stranger's Virginia home to microwave butter. Zach McGuire awoke to noises and a voice in the kitchen on Tuesday and quickly realised he didn't recognise the voice it belonged to. "I came flying out here into the kitchen, and she’s standing right there in front of the microwave, getting ready to nuke my butter. And I told her she 'butter' not," he told ABC  13. He made the woman sit on the floor until police arrived. It's not yet known who the intruder was or why she was so eager to warm the butter.

Photo: Twitter/ ABC 13

Donald Trump has said he received a ‘beautiful’ letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. It comes as the U.S. works to rebuild momentum on stalled denuclearisation talks with North Korea. "I think that North Korea has tremendous potential," the President told local media overnight.

Record numbers of patients are flooding into emergency departments across NSW. New figures reveal that for the first time ED attendances topped 756,000 in the first three months of the year, almost six percent higher than the same quarter last year.

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An early start to the flu season is copping partial blame for the waiting room congestion. Photo: Getty

Melbourne has been chosen as the third global base for Uber Elevate. Passengers will be able to book an aircraft through their Uber app with a flight to the airport eventually expected to cost around the same as an UberX ride. Test flights are expected to begin in Melbourne next year before a commercial launch in 2023.

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In sport, Australia is preparing to take on Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup tonight. The Aussies have won two matches and lost one so far.

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