'Pure Tragedy': Body Of Missing Queensland Toddler Ruben Scott Found

The body of a two-year-old boy missing on a remote Queensland property has been found by police divers.

Ruben Scott was last seen near the Koolatah Station homestead, 270 kilometres north of Karumba late Tuesday afternoon.

Emergency crews immediately took to the land, water and sky in a large-scale search for the young boy, scouring a property with known crocodile habitats.

Ruben and his mother. Photo: Facebook/ Natasha Scott

Following a three-day search, police announced the body of the young boy had been found in a large dam located near the homestead at about 3:30pm on Friday.

The waterway is located about 100 metres away from the homestead.

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"Our thoughts go out to Ruben’s family, friends and the communities of Maramie and Kowanyama, as well as everyone involved in the search during this difficult time," Queensland Police said in a statement.

It comes not long after paediatric experts advised the family and search crews that the likelihood of Ruben surviving in the remote conditions had passed.

[We're] preparing for the worst at the moment," Ruben's grandfather Noel Scott said earlier today.

"Hopefully we can find Ruben today."

Cape Patrol Inspector Mark Henderson said emergency crews would continue working to "bring closure for the family", and a crew of eight new police divers was brought in.

The two-year-old's mother Natasha Scott said she last saw her "little Ruby" at about 5:45pm on Tuesday.

The exhaustive search -- which has involved seven helicopters, drones, police officers and divers, SES volunteers, and nearly 20 concerned neighbours -- covered some 1700 square kilometres of the 450,000 acre property.

"This is just a pure tragedy," Chief Superintendent Brian Huxley said.

"The loss of a little life under these circumstances is really, really difficult for people to grasp a hold of just how significant it is.

"But I tell you for the people who are actually on the scene, who are working out there, all the people who are involved in the search, it's not lost on them."

Messages of support have begun to pour in for the child's mother on social media.

"Such a devastating and tragic loss for you and your family," one message reads.

"I am so sorry for your less. This is not something any parent should have to endure," reads another.

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

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