Woman Trapped In Car For 16 Hours Saved By The GPS In Her Phone

A NSW woman has walked away from a single-vehicle crash with an extraordinary tale of survival, after becoming trapped for more than 16 hours in the state's south.

The 67-year-old was travelling on the Princes Highway between Moruya and Wallaga Lake sometime after 11pm on Wednesday when her car left the road and crashed into a creek.

The force of the crash knocked the woman unconscious and trapped her in the car.

Image: NSW Fire and Rescue
Image: NSW Fire and Rescue

According to emergency services, she did not regain consciousness for at least 15 hours, finally coming to at about 4pm on Thursday.

Once awake, the woman used her mobile phone to contact her daughter-in-law but was unable to provide her location, police said.

After the relative called police, emergency crews managed to track the woman down using the GPS in her phone.

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Image: NSW Fire and Rescue

"Within 20 minutes, police attended the Princes Highway at Kianga and located the Holden down an embankment, overturned in Kianga Creek," NSW Police said.

The woman was rescued from the vehicle and treated for suspected fractures and exposure, before being airlifted to Canberra Hospital in a stable condition.

"A very, very fortunate lady to be in the position she's in today," Chief Inspector Peter Volf told reporters on Friday.

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"Because she was down the embankment where no one could see her driving past along the highway. She's just fortunate she made that phone call and we were able to make those inquiries and get her location from there, so very remarkable."

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