Aussie Politicians Set To Receive Pay Rises

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be receiving a $10,000 boost to his salary on the same day penalty rates are cut to hospitality and retail workers.

The Remuneration Tribunal, an independent body that determines wage for members of Parliament and judicial offices, has granted all federal MPs a two percent pay rise from July 1.

In a statement released Thursday, the Tribunal outlined that the salary boost was "competitive and equitable remuneration that is appropriate to the responsibilities and experience required of the roles" in public office.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Photo: GETTY

Morrison's annual wage will now be approximately $548,000 with his raise.

MPs and senators currently have a salary of around $207,000.

United Voice, a union of over 120,000 Australian workers, have noted that the Prime Minister will receive his rise as 700,000 retail and hospitality workers receive a pay cut.

Cuts to penalty rates for hospitality workers on July 1 will result in approximately a $2,000 loss annually for Sunday and public holiday work.

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Jo-anne Schofield, the union's National Secretary, said the "economy is tanking, wage growth is at historical lows but the Prime Minister and his Cabinet mates will rake in a sizeable pay rise on July 1."

Schofield said that hospitality and retail workers are having "real difficulties putting food on the table or meeting their utility and medical bills from week to week".