'This Guy's Got A Gun': Witness Describes Darwin Shooter Running Past And Killing Friend

Darwin man Johnny Reid has described watching the gunman enter his building before killing his friend at close range with a shotgun.

Reid said it was close to 6pm on Tuesday night when he saw the shooter pull up in his car outside the apartment building.

Watching him while standing in the darkness rolling a cigarette, he said the gunman started walking quickly and purposefully towards his building -- but said he didn't see the pump-action shotgun the other man was carrying.

Johnny Reid witnessed the man walk into his building before hearing gunshots. Source: Ten News First.

"I was watching him, he went from one room to another room and then he went up to the last room up the end there... which is one of my mate's," Reid told 10 News First.

"He stood there for a minute and then he lifted up the bloody gun and just went 'boom boom boom boom boom'."

Reid responded to the gunshots by taking off away from the apartment building in only his underwear, warning neighbours about the active shooting as he ducked around fences and cars.

"One of my mates popped his head outside the door -- he asked if they were fireworks," Reid said.

In a supplied screen grab obtained on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, Members of the Territory Response Group (TRG) arrest a suspected gunman in Darwin. Photo: AAP / ABC.

A neighbouring family had their children playing on the lawn outside their house. Reid instructed them to get inside.

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Reid said that it was "very sad to see", and believes his friend was shot four times at close range by the killer.

He added that he had a "funny feeling" his slain friend was possibly targeted specifically by the shooter. 10 daily has chosen not to publish the victim's name or place of work, as the family has not yet been informed.

Ben Hoffman
The alleged Darwin shooter Ben Hoffman. Photo: Facebook/ Ben Hoffman

Four people were killed and a fifth person injured during the rampage through Darwin's city centre.

Taxi driver Hassan Baydoun, 33, was named as the first victim of the shooting. He was on his lunch break when he was killed outside the Palms Motel on McKinn Street. It is not suggested Hassan is the same friend of Reid's.

Ben Hoffman, 45, has been arrested in relation to the shooting spree. He has yet to be charged, and remains in hospital under police guard.

Hoffman was on bail at the time of the shooting, prompting the NT government to order an immediate review of the 103 people on parole and the 196 people on active monitoring.