Climber Scales 170-Metre Marriott Hotel Without Ropes

A man has scaled one of the tallest buildings in the Polish capital of Warsaw, the 170-metre Marriott Hotel.

Local media identified the man as an 'urban climber'.

Man Climbs 170 meter building Image

Eyewitness Elzbieta Magnuszewska, editor-in-chief of a local news website, live streamed the video of the climbing on her Facebook account.

"We're driving down the street when my son noticed a man climbing the Marriott Hotel. We stopped near the Central Train station. I had such powerful emotions. I realised that he was a professional climber. However, I was ready to stop the video if something went wrong," Magnuszewska told Reuters.

According to the TVN, a climber was arrested for causing public disorder, police told The Polish Press Agency.

Polish police were not available for further comment.