Samsung Is About To Release A Vertical TV For Millennials

Samsung is about to release a schmancy new TV that can be flipped vertically to appease phone-addicted millennials.

It's called the Sero, and it's a 43-inch touch screen that's designed to look and act exactly like your smartphone -- only on a much, much, MUCH larger scale.

Not only can this new TV be used to flick through Instagram stories, Tinder profiles, Facebook feeds and online shopping sites, it can also be used for presentations, brainstorming and other business needs.

When you're done scrolling, the screen can be transformed into a huge digital photo frame or music visualiser.

Among the tech aspects are 60W speakers designed to pump out a good tune, and if you flip the screen to horizontal, it works like a regular television.

It's all controlled by Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby -- Alexa and Siri's cousin.

Sero, coming to South Korean stores, not near you. Photo: Twitter

Sero -- which means 'vertical' in Korean -- is being rolled out in the company's home market of South Korea at the end of the month for 1.9 million won (2,300 Aussie dollars), but it's still not known if the roll-out will be expanded globally.

"Samsung will review global launch plans after the launch of the Sero in Korea," a spokesperson told the BBC.

While it might sound crazy to have a vertical screen, especially for the sports lovers out there, it turns out that many millennials don't bother turning their phone horizontally to watch a video.

A study from Instagram found that despite 70 percent of young people making the shift to vertical video, marketers are yet to catch up.

Let's hope the vertical idea has more legs than the company's failed fold phone, which reportedly broke after just two days of use.

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