Man Armed With Didgeridoo Chases Down Home Invader In His Undies

An Adelaide man fearlessly chased a suspected home invader down the street, carrying a didgeridoo wearing only his underwear.

When Kym Abrook went to investigate strange noises in his house at around 4am on Monday he discovered the intruder.

He gave chase, grabbing a didgeridoo on his way out the door, and called police.

Despite it being a chilly six-degrees at the time of the chase, he said he didn't have time to put clothes on, and followed the suspect wearing only his underwear.

"I was out there in all my glory," he told 10 News First on Monday.

"I notice I run faster naked!"

Police soon arrived and with the help of police dog Nero, arrested a man in the driveway of a nearby home. It's alleged he was in possession of a wallet and $500 cash stolen during the break-in.

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"I was gaining on him, and I knew when he went around the corner he wasn't far, so I got all the boys to cordon the area off and we stayed there until I called the police."

Kym Abrook reenacting the chase. Photo: 10 news

"I come from a family of 23 brothers and sisters.. we know how to look after ourselves," he told 10 News First.

"I was gonna play a couple of quick tunes.. maybe some of them old songs that my grandfather used to teach us."

The 32-year-old suspect will face court in August.