Strewth! Woman Wakes To Find Huge Snake Licking Her Forehead

A Brisbane woman has received a wake-up call about as Aussie as it gets.

Sally Stent had been asleep for only a few hours when she felt something flicking her forehead.

After brushing it away several times, half asleep, she finally opened her eyes to find a two-metre python staring at her face and licking her forehead.

The snake had managed to wrap itself around her bedside table before leaning in and hovering over her bed as she slept.

Photo: Studio 10

Speaking to Sunrise on Wednesday morning, Stent admitted she was shocked but not frightened.

"Growing up in the bush I guess you pretty quickly work out if it's a dangerous one or not and I knew it wasn't dangerous," she said. "It wasn't scary it was just shocking, I was like 'okay, that's not meant to be there' and it took a while to sort of get myself together."

After slowly escaping the intruder and sealing off her bedroom, Stent made herself a cup of tea to calm the nerves and then called for help.

Sally Stent was woken by a snake literally licking her face. Photo: Studio 10

Her father was the first port of call.

"Dad went to look for it [the snake] and couldn't find it and his reaction was, 'you probably made that up Sal'."

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It turned out she didn't make it up, a snake catcher managed to locate and remove the unwelcome visitor a short time later.

Well there you go, nightmares really do come true.