It's Snowing Just Outside Of Sydney

First came the heavy late autumn snow up in the high country.

Now the cold air has tracked north and it's snowing in places like Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, which is just over half an hour from the western edge of Sydney.

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As you can see, we're not talking about a full-on blizzard, as we've seen in the Snowy Mountains already today.

But snow is snow, and there are definitely some flakes floating around the NSW Central Tablelands and Blue Mountains as the cold front passes through.

Katoomba is located at an elevation of 1017 metres above sea level, and it generally snows there a few times each year, as well as in the surrounding Central Tablelands region.

Possible snow above 900 metres was in the forecast for today, so these flurries are no huge surprise -- and you can see why on the image below.

It's the Bureau of Meteorology's MetEye, taken just after 1 pm, and it shows a cloud band passing over the Blue Mountains with temps of just 1 or 2 degrees in several higher towns like Lithgow and Katoomba.

The same meteorological moment is well captured by the Bureau's weather map around midday, which shows the cold front about to strike Sydney. (We've circled the wind speed in red to show Sydney people why it got so windy.)

Although the Blue Mts and Central Tablelands do get snow sometimes in winter, this is quite early in the year for it, and it certainly marks a radical change in the weather for May so far.

For example, Lithgow has had an average max of 16.4 in May so far -- two degrees higher than average. Yet it was just one degree early this afternoon.

Meanwhile it's also snowing in regional Victoria at levels well below the ski resorts.

A second burst of cold weather is extremely likely across south-east Australia on Wednesday, with snow predicted to even lower levels.

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