Search Underway For 'Oxygen Thief' Who Drop Kicked Cat

Extremely disturbing video has emerged of an idiot kicking a cat.

The video is not easy to watch, so we encourage discretion if you do so in the player above. And it's not just the act itself. It's the laughter afterwards.

The despicable act was first brought to the world's attention via a video posted on the @Potect_Wildlife Twitter account.

Well-known animal lover Ricky Gervais then chimed in, adding a particularly juicy insult which started in "c" and ended in "t" -- much like the word "cat", but a little ruder.

It's not the only incidence of cruelty towards cats in England in the past day or so. A boy in the Portsmouth area also allegedly hit a cat, and has now been arrested on suspicion of an offence under the Animal Welfare Act.

Meanwhile there is not yet any word on who the cat drop-kicker was.

As Ricky said...