Guy's Rant About Being Rejected By 19-Year-Old Women Backfires

A Reddit post from a 31-year-old man who was angry about being rejected by a group of 19-year-old women has seriously backfired after going viral.

The post first appeared on the Reddit forum in which posters will provide stories from their personal lives and ask people whether they were in the wrong or not.

The man begins by saying that he is 31-years-old and has recently ended a long-term relationship.

He explains that he recently went to a bar with a friend and noticed a group of young women celebrating their friend's nineteenth birthday -- he noted that he recognised this because of a cake with the number 19 visible on it.

The man said that he thought the young women were attractive but was discouraged from hitting on them by his friend who said that they looked like "babies".

Despite this, the man went with his friend over to the table and proceeded to wish the young woman a "happy birthday" before the women called him "R Kelly" in reference to him being too old to hit on girls their age.

"The birthday woman said that it didn't matter, it's weird for someone my age to hit on them, especially when they make it obvious that they are uncomfortable," he said.

"I said that adults are allowed to hit on adults. It's not a crime. One woman just asked why I was still standing there and yelled at me to go away."

The young women then allegedly sang R Kelly's famous song 'Ignition' as he finally left the area.

The man then commented that he had been "respectful and not creepy at all" and was extremely angry that the women had accused him of being too old.

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Responders to the Reddit forum quickly criticised the poster, with one commenter saying that he was "the a**hole" for "being creepy, not taking a hint, and arguing about it to women who asked you to leave".

Another said "you made them uncomfortable and then didn't take a hint then they got mad when they had to be mean to you for you to go away and you still didn't go away. This is predatory behaviour and I'm not really sure what you thought was going to happen."

The post quickly grew interest on Twitter, with many users commenting that the male poster was in the wrong.

Then the young woman involved in the story replied on another reddit forum with her own account of the incident after seeing the post describing her birthday dinner three weeks earlier.

"He came and wished me a happy birthday, I said thanks and we all went back to our conversation. I did appreciate being told happy birthday," she said.

"But he stuck around. We laughed uncomfortably and went back to our conversation. He stuck around and kept interrupting us."

The woman defended her friends' decision to make fun of the man by singing 'Ignition' as a way of "turning it into a fun moment with karaoke" rather than "crying over our night being ruined by a creep".

The young woman said that she and her friends are used to older men hitting on them and comment that it's "ALWAYS gross".

"Being called "legal" is demeaning. Everything about it was sickening. When he came over, announced his age, then asked us ours, I almost yakked".

Many Twitter users have commented their support for the young woman, saying that her friends did the right thing in the scenario and commending her for her behaviour.