Man Scratches Face While Driving, Gets Slapped With Fine

A traffic camera using artificial intelligence has proven to be not so intelligent after all.

The camera snapped a Chinese motorist scratching his face and assumed he was talking on a mobile phone. The motorist, Liu, received a notification stating he had violated laws on the road.

Man Caught Scratching Face, Gets Fine. Image: Weibo
Invisible phone. Image: Weibo Sina

The Jinan Traffic Police Department (JTPD) issued Liu a fine of 50 yuan (AUD$10.50) and 2 points off his licence.

Liu tried calling the JTPD to sort out the situation but the issue was left unresolved -- after "no one would help him"-- over the phone. Liu to took matters into his own hands and shared the photo and fine on Chinese social media. 

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"I often see people online exposed for driving and touching others' legs, but this morning, for touching my face, I was also snapped breaking the rules", he said.

The incident left many questioning the department's surveillance cameras.

One user wrote: “Don’t touch the face, touch the face and drive without driving.”

Others mocked the ticket.

“Really, I don’t even dare to help with glasses.”

“The new invisible mobile phone.”

It was then the traffic police department reviewed the situation by paying close attention to Liu's face.

After carefully assessing the incident at hand, they came to the conclusion that he was not holding a phone and was in fact scratching his face.

According to Global Times, the ticket was revoked. The traffic police department explained that the surveillance system automatically identifies a driver's motion and then takes a photo, mistaking the man's face scratching for talking on a phone while driving.

There are more than 170 million surveillance cameras in China nd the country has plans to install a further 400 million by 2020.