'Forget Something?': Footy Fan's Hugely Disappointing Meat Pie

A footy fan's dismal day at Adelaide Oval became even more disappointing when he bit into what was meant to be a hot meat pie.

Instead of finding it flowing with beef and saucy goodness, the man bit into a completely empty pastry shell.

There wasn't a single lick of sauce inside.

The unfortunate Crows fan shared a photo of his sad-looking lunch to Facebook, along with the caption "Hey Balfours ... forget something?".

"A meat pie minus the meat, thanks!" Photo: Facebook

"Looks like it's full of Adelaide's chances of winning," one user wrote.

"Worst sixteen bucks you've ever spent," said another.

Others even made jokes about it being the "new Weight Watchers range from Balfours," or the business's new "vegetarian pie".

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There's no word yet on whether the man received a replacement, refund or discount -- but we can confirm the Crows lost that match to the Eagles by 12 points.

Let's hope his luck improves next home game.