Bears Casually Hijack Man's Car After Climbing Through Window

You bear believe it! Chad Morris thought he was part of a prank after coming face-to-face with a pack of bears invading his car.

The man was left stunned after finding the animals hijacking his car in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Bears Hijack Mans Car
Image: Facebook, Chad Morris

Morris had told friends he wanted to see a bear on his weekend trip -- but that was before things turned wild.

“I was telling my friends, I want to see a bear," Morris said in an interview.

Not only did he come up close with one bear -- but the whole family.

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He returned to his car to find one bear climbing on top of the vehicle, with the other making its way into the driver's seat.  The mother bear was seen roaming around watching the cubs play.

Man Finds Bears Climbing Through His Front Window
Man Finds Bears Climbing Through His Front Window. Image: Facebook, Chad Morris

Morris managed to capture the whole event on camera and later shared it on Facebook.

"Is this real life... tell me we are being punked," he said in a Facebook post.

It gained a lot of attention, with hundreds of comments flooding through.

Post Goes Viral After Bear Caught Climbing Into Car
Post Goes Viral After Bears Caught Climbing Into Car. Image: Facebook - Chad Morris

Morris was unharmed, however his car was left in a bad state after one bear took a chunk out of a seat.

Morris told 14News he learnt a valuable lesson.

"I knew as soon as they got out and went down the hill, I put my windows up and they stayed up every time I parked," he said.