'You Are Every Parent's Horror': Australia's Worst Child Sex Offender Jailed For 40 Years

It's the longest sentence ever handed down for child sex offences in Australia.

Ruecha Tokputza, 31, was jailed on Friday after pleading guilty to more than 50 charges against children, some of his victims were as as young as 15 months old.

He sexually violated 13 children in Australia and Thailand, and in some cases, filmed and shared videos of his crimes online.

At the time of his arrest in January 2018, he was found in possession of 12,500 images and 650 videos relating to the abuse.

His offending spanned more than six years, with prosecutors previously telling the court the Adelaide man showed no remorse for his actions, and only stopped because he got caught.

Ruecha Tokputza sexually abused 13 children.

Judge Liesl Chapman handed down sentence on Friday, calling him "a menace to the community."

"You are a child's worst nightmare. You are every parent's horror," Chapman said.

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She said Tokputza held a "delusional and aberrant belief" that the children enjoyed the abuse, and were happy.

Ruecha Tokputza was handed a record sentence for abusing more than a dozen children.

His 40 year sentence is the longest ever to be given to a paedophile in Australia.

It's five years longer than the jail term given to another South Australian child sex offender, Shannon McCoole, who was jailed for abusing children in state care and using images of the abuse to feed a global paedophile network.

Tokputza will be eligible for parole in 2047.

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