Uber Introduces A 'Quiet Mode' To Silence Chatty Drivers

You know those Uber drivers that chat away, seemingly oblivious to the fact that you've not said a word in fifteen minutes? There's now a button for that.

It's called "quiet mode" and it's one of a number of new features being rolled out by the rideshare company this week.

Users can select from "quiet preferred," "happy to chat," or "no preference" allowing them to nap, avoid small talk and reply to emails, guilt-free.

As well asking for some peace and quiet, riders will be able to request help with their luggage and set their preferred temperature ahead of time.

Here's the deal though, the feature is only available to Uber Black and Uber Black SUV rides and is currently only offered in the United States.

The options are now endless on the U.S. version of Uber Photo: TECH CRUNCH

There's no word on whether the features will be extended to Australia, but we do have Uber Comfort, Pool, SUV and Lux, so we've got a fairly good chance of being handed the extra options within an update or three.

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It's got us thinking about other handy places a 'quiet option' would be super handy.

A lift is certainly top of the list, dentists are also up there -- why do they pepper you with questions while your mouth is pried wide open with multiple instruments digging into your molars?

Bus stops, cafe's -- pre-coffee small talk is the pits-- your office desk, planes and waiting areas generally, also make the list.

We'll keep our fingers crossed.