The Weirdest World Records Set So Far This Month

A giant pack of instant noodles, a stack of doughnuts, a massive AF frame and a speedy tuk tuk have all been etched into the record books so far this May.

We'll start in Japan, where a gigantic box of instant noodles, 1,500 times the normal size, has been cooked and served to 579 hungry people in Isesaki, north of Tokyo.

Close to 160 kilograms of instant "yakisoba" noodles were ready within minutes after cooks poured 480 litres of boiling water over the two-metre long container and mixed in traditional flavouring.

5,000 people turned out to watch Sunday's event, including a Guinness World Record adjudicator to confirm the "Largest Instant Noodle Tasting Event".

In case you're wondering, this massive container is about 780,000 calories.


This giant bowl of noodles wasn't the only meal to steal the spotlight this month, a super sweet record was broken in Johannesburg, South Africa -- a group building the World's Tallest Stack of Doughnuts. 

How many you ask? 3,100.

The stack towered 152 cm, sat on different software products to ensure it was sturdy and was built by a team of people who rotated every few hours between 9 am and 4 pm.

They even asked a structural engineer and an architect to help with the planning.

The world's tallest stack of dougheys Photo: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

Dubai has been scribbled into the record books having built the Largest Building in the Shape of a Picture Frame.

Standing at 150 metres high and 93 metres wide, the 'building' is made up of 2,000 tonnes of steel and 2,900 metres of laminated glass.

While it opened in January 2018, it's only just been given the record nod.

Side note: Not to steal Dubai's thunder, but this is a brand new Guinness World Records title so it didn't take much to beat.

Been to Thailand? Ridden a tuk tuk? Odds are it was nowhere near this fast.

Essex man Matt Everard, 46,  has set a new land speed record for a tuk tuk, reaching speeds of 119.583kmph, smashing the previous record of 110kmph.

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Everard bought the 1971 Bangkok taxi on eBay after a boozy night out in 2017 and has since spent £20,000 -- around 37,000 Aussie dollars -- on improvements to break the record, according to the BBC.

He's said to be "over the moon" with the attempt.

Essex businessman Matt Everard drives his tuk tuk during a world speed record attempt at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire. Photo: DANNY LAWSON/PA

Believe it or not, we've still got plenty to look forward to, including Nestle's attempt to seal the Longest Line of Cookies record.

The company has even enlisted the help of the Dallas Cowboys for this week's attempt.