Vegan Protesters Confront Diners With Graphic Images While Eating

A controversial activist group has confronted diners with graphic images of animal slaughter as they ate outside popular Perth restaurants.

Vegan protesters took to Oxford Street in Leederville on Friday night armed with placards and screens as part of a planned "walk-through".

The group, known as Direct Action Everywhere, was filmed marching in a line past restaurants before trying to confront diners with the graphic details of animal slaughter.

Activist group Direct Action Everywhere confronted Perth diners with screens and placards.

“Male calves are slaughtered as young as six weeks old simply because they don’t produce milk,” one activist was heard yelling at restaurant goers.

“Chicks are blended alive in a macerator or gassed to death simply because they don’t produce eggs.

“Animals don’t want better lives, they want freedom. We have a choice, the animals don’t.”

Activist group Direct Action Everywhere confronted Perth diners with screens and placards.

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Part of the protest was live-streamed on the group's Facebook page, during which one activist said they had "done a fair few of these" in the suburb of Northbridge.

It's the latest in a string of public stunts by the group, which is led by self-professed activist James Warden.

In September, the group stormed a Perth McDonald's before placing a dead piglet on the restaurant's counter.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Activists duct-taped their mouths shut and held signs which read "animals are not ours to use", "meat is murder" and "there's no excuse for animal abuse".

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WA Premier Mark McGowan slammed Friday's protest as unhelpful to the cause of animal activism.

"I mean it's just stupid," McGowan said.

"I tell them 'don't do it, all you do is drive people away from your cause in the first place'. If they want to make a stand go and run for public office, don't go and disrupt people eating their dinner."