Bodycam Vision And Triple 0 Call Released In Dylan Walker Case

A triple zero call from NRL Player Dylan Walker's fiancée Alexandra Ivkovic and bodycam footage were released by the court three days after the Manly star was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Ivkovic can be seen sobbing and cradling her baby son at a neighbour’s house after fleeing the couples Dee Why home in December last year.

“He was really pissed-off cause I interrupted his game... I asked him if he wanted a fork or spoon with his dinner… he started swearing… he was trying to take him out of my arms and he pulled my hair and I just fell right back onto the concrete,” she told responding officers.

Photo taken of Alexandra Ivkovic's injuries. Photo: 10 News

Across the road, Walker was under arrest.

“I was playing play station … she walked out and I grabbed her shoulder.” He told police.

“Which shoulder?” The officer asked.

“The left. I just said can you talk to me and she fell over.” Walker replied.

The former Miss Universe contestant was holding the couple's baby son at the time.

Photo of Alexandra Ivkovic's injuries. Photo: 10 News

She earlier told a triple zero operator.

“He pulled my hair and I fell down while I was holding my baby (sobbing) can I please have someone here.”

Photos of her injuries were also tendered to Manly Local Court showing injuries to Ivkovic’s shoulder, knee and feet. At the time she told police the 24-year-old attacked her.

“Where’s your baby now?” the operator asked.

“In my arms.”

“How old is your baby?”

“Four months old,” she replied sobbing.

Bodycam footage of Alexandra Ivkovic talking to police with her baby. Photo: 10 News

Walker was found not guilty on Friday of domestic violence after a hearing – which heard from neighbours who witnessed the aftermath, police, Ivkovic and Walker himself - concluded.

From the witness box Ivkovic told the magistrate;

“I’ve realised that things, for example when I fell that he’d grabbed my hair but he didn’t".

She said she 'realised after the fact' that when he grabbed her, her hair had gotten in the way.

"I was like in so much shock and like so upset. He kept saying I didn’t do anything. I was so upset cause I’d fallen with my son.”

Under cross-examination, she denied changing her story to protect the Sea Eagles player.

Walker who was suspended pending the outcome of the court proceedings was cleared to play following the not guilty verdict.