Tragedy In The Ring: Wrestler Dies During Match

Mexican wrestler César González Barrón, known as Silver King was pinned down when he died during a wrestling match on Saturday.

Silver King, 51, collapsed suddenly in the ring on Saturday at the Roundhouse, a performing arts and concert venue in Camden, London.

Silver King
Silver King died in the ring in front of a stunned audience. Photo: Youtube - freseroang 123

He was wrestling against opponent Juventud Guerrera, 'Youth Warrior', when he became unresponsive in front of hundreds of fans.

According to reports, officials said Silver King died from a heart attack but have not yet released an official cause of death. Police are treating his death as 'non-suspicious'.

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Footage circulating online shows his opponent pinning him down. The footage then goes on to show officials reviving him.

Medics were called immediately to the scene but he was pronounced dead within minutes.

In a tweet from the venue, Roundhouse said the death was being investigated.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) said in a statement it was "saddened" to learn of his death.

"WWE is saddened to learn that Lucha Libre legend and former WCW star Silver King has passed away at age 51".

Others shared their thoughts and prayers on social media.

Barrón was well known after appearing in the wrestling film Nacho Libre alongside Jack Black and regularly appeared on a TV show WCW Monday Nitro.

Actor Jack Black also paid tribute to Silver.

Silver competed in in World Championship Wrestling between 1997 and 2000. He grew up in a wrestling family with his father, Dr Wagner who was a popular lucha libre fighter, and brother, Dr. Wagner Jr who also competed professionally.

Silver achieved great success and competed in the WCW Cruiserweight Championship against Juventud Guerrera in 1998.