People Love This Video Of Earth Being Obliterated By 500km Asteroid

Ever wondered what the end of the world looks like? This video is going viral again -- and people can't get enough of it.

A clip from an old Discovery Channel documentary is going viral online again, showing exactly how the Earth might be impacted if it was hit by a 500 kilometre-wide asteroid.

Spoiler alert: it's not pretty.

But you wouldn't know it from some of the replies that it's getting.

As of time of writing, the video -- posted on the Wonder Of Science's Twitter page, after being taken from the Discovery Channel -- has racked up 4000 retweets and nearly 12,000 likes.

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It's from a series called 'Miracle Planet', first broadcast in 2005. In the episode, titled 'The Violent Past', scientists simulate what would happen if present-day Earth was struck by a massive asteroid.

Basically, the entire planet would be totally wrecked.

At least Australia gets a front-row seat. Photo: Discovery Channel

The simulation shows what can be best described as an unbelievably massive explosion at the point of impact in the ocean, just north of Australia, with gigantic tsunamis blasting across the seas. Debris from the collision is hurled thousands of kilometres into the air -- then returning to Earth as giant asteroids.

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Surrounding land is basically vaporised in an instant. The Earth is turned to a molten wasteland. Mountains crumble, and the entire planet is turned to flames.

There's even a few gratuitous shots of what global landmarks, like London's Big Ben clock tower, would look like post-impact.

Look at that, it's time to die. Photo: Discovery Channel

The tweet racked up big numbers, and some people joked they were looking forward to the scenario playing out in real life.

Look, to be fair, we've only got a few years to sort out that whole climate change thing anyway -- so this 'molten hellfire world' scene is probably what we're headed for anyway.