Couple Captures Showdown Between Snake And Gator

A couple has captured a snake fighting for its life during a dramatic showdown in Florida.

Linda Waring and her husband Jesse were wandering through a nature reserve in Lakeland on Saturday when they heard a splash at "Alligator Alley".

The pair ran to the water to find a massive struggle underway as an alligator tried to chow down his lunch.

"The snake was giving it his all to escape from the jaws of the gator," Waring told 10Daily.

"The gator would chomp down and close his mouth and each time it seemed like the end. Then when he opened his jaws, the snake was still trying to fight his way out!" she continued.


In one of the photos snapped by the couple, who own and operate BirdWalk Photography, the gator's jaws are completely closed with the snakes tiny little head peeking out the side.

Unfortunately, the underdog didn't win this fight but it was a hard-fought battle.

It took the gator more than 10 minutes to finish the slippery reptile off.

Just when it looked like it was over, the snake pops its head out of the Gator's jaws Photo: SUPPLIED BY BIRDWALK PHOTOGRAPHY

As for how the big the alligator was, the photographers told 10 Daily it was anywhere from eight to 12 feet long -- 3.6metres -- and definitely wasn't a young one.

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