Day Turns To Night As Menacing Dust Storm Barrels Into Mildura

There one day, gone the next.

A huge dust storm struck the Victorian city of Mildura late on Tuesday afternoon.

The vast cloud of raised dust barrelled through the Mallee region from the west around 5pm, turning day into night in a matter of moments.

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The dust storm even showed up on the Bureau of Meteorology's weather radar, which picks up airborne particles whether those particles are water droplets or dust.

Network 10 political reporter Simon Love posted a video taken by his dad, who was seeing red.

Others captured the incredible wall of dust as it crossed irrigated fields.

Mildura is in a semi-arid part of Victoria which receives just 288 mm of rain per year. That's only 9 mm more than Alice Springs in Australia's Red Centre.

But this year has been especially dry, with just 38.4 mm in the Mildura gauge to date. This means ideal conditions for raised dust.

Another factor fuelling this particular storm is the series of cold fronts crossing Victoria. Winds often reach gale force as warm and cold air masses interact, and that's what has happened here.

Conditions are expected to die down in Mildura, with the dust storm moving on as evening sets in.

Feature Image By Steve Flory