Prime Minister (Nearly) Egged By Young Woman

A young protester has been wrestled away from Prime Minister Scott Morrison after attempting to egg him at a Country Women's Association event in Albury.

Footage has captured the moment the young woman in a red beanie with glasses threw the egg at Morrison.

However, the egg did not break on the back of his head and instead bounced off unbroken.

A woman is escorted from the event after attempting to egg the Prime Minister. Source: Ten News First.

The woman was then removed by security and allegedly knocked over an elderly woman in her attempt to reach the Prime Minister.

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The young woman who attempted egg Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Source: AAP.

The woman has said she's sorry that the elderly woman got caught up in the incident and was filmed being escorted from the area with a six-pack of eggs in her hand.

She allegedly stated to reporters that the attempted egging was a protest against the off-shore detention of refugees on Manus Island.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has Tweeted that his concern about the incident was "for the older lady who was knocked off her feet. I helped her up and gave her a hug."

Morrison said that the young woman represented the "same idiots" who were invading farms and homes in protest against Australian agriculture last month.

More to come.