How Much Is 7 Pounds And 3 Ounces In Kilograms?

Sure, you could Google this, but we thought we'd save you the time.

It's 3.26 kilos, and we refer of course to the weight of the royal baby.

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Rubbing his hands together with glee -- or perhaps with trepidation at the thought of all those nappies that await -- Prince Harry announced the arrival of his son, who was born early on the morning of May 6th.

Those who awoke to the news in countries that use the metric system -- where we talk in kilos, not pounds -- may well have wondered about the royal tot's weight.

So as we said, it's 3.26 kilos. And for the record, that's just a tick under the average UK birth weight of 3.5 kilos.

In Australia, we are fully metric. We measure distances, weights, everything by the sensible decimal-based metric system, which was first used in Europe as early as 1799.

Unlike most of Europe, England today uses a hybrid of both the metric and the old Imperial system. This becomes extremely confusing at times. For example, alcoholic spirits are sold in bottles measured by millimetres. Yet beer is sold by the pint.

Anyway, the royal baby is healthy and happy, and we won't begrudge anyone who raises a pint or even a half litre of beer as a toast.