Superfans Are Throwing Game Of Thrones Gender-Reveal Parties

Game of Thrones has taken over the internet, parties, Monday nights and now gender reveals.

Fans have ditched the pink and blue decor, the coloured confetti and the sweet cake designs and replaced them with dragon eggs, thrones and scrolls.

A quick look on social media reveals there has been quite a spike in GoT-themed gender-reveal parties in the lead up to and during the show's eighth and final season.

People can't get enough.

Many parents-to-be have even managed to get their hands on handmade dragon eggs -- very similar to those given to Daenerys Targaryen in season one -- which change colour to red or blue when heated.

No, we're not pulling your leg. This.Is.Legit.

Risen Son Creations is the company behind the creation and they are selling right now on Etsy and Amazon -- their sales increasing by as much as 750 percent in the lead up to April's final season debut.

And guess what? The owner, Carol, has confirmed to 10Daily that she can ship to Australia.

You'll just need to manage your expectations: "Thankfully the eggs will not hatch into dragons," Carol explained. "Babies and dragons do not mix well together!"

Photo: ETSY

One massive fan filmed the egg changing colour, uploaded the video to Instagram and made family and friends watch and wait until the egg changed colour to unveil the sex of their baby.

Believe it or not, the announcement was made 20 weeks from the bub's due date, which happened to be the exact length of time until the final season premiered.

Coincidence? Certainly not.

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There have also been other crazy, non-GoT related gender reveals unveiled relatively recently that have involved Lasagnas, manicures and even explosives.

The latter we don't recommend, it sparked a massive bushfire in Arizona, while the off-duty Border Patrol agent who lit it was fined more than $305,000.