Calls For Fines After 'Dead Body' Stickers Plastered On Woolworths Meat Products

Activists are being criticised for placing 'warning' stickers on packets of chicken at supermarkets in Melbourne.

The stickers read: ‘Warning: this package contains the dead body of someone who wanted to live’, and were stuck on meat and dairy products at a Woolworths in St Helena, Victoria.

The stunt has not gone down well. Many have shared their outrage on social media.

One user even suggested laws should be implemented if vegan activists interfere with packaged goods.

"Its pretty simple to put a law in that anyone gets caught interfering with packaged good with no intention of purchasing gets a $1000 fine for food tampering, one user wrote.

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While another responded, "that’s great. But this isn’t helping their cause. Because they want to do this. I want to eat more meat. Be vegan fine. Not my problem".

Others mocked the activists.

Whereas some wanted to participate --"Ha this is amazing, where can I get these stickers?", one twitter user wrote.

Stickers can be easily purchased from Etsy, costing up to AUD$11.00 for a pack of 42.  Sticker messages  include:

"Warning eating meat causes cancer, heart disease and erectile dysfuction".

"Would you kill her yourself? if not, why are you paying someone else to do it for you?"

Vegan Activists Place Warning Stickers On Products At Woolies
Some of the stickers available from Etsy.  Image: Etsy

Trinity, who sells the stickers on Etsy, created to stickers to push the political agenda.

"Stickervism is sticker activism. It is sticker bombing or sticker art that pushes a political agenda. It is a method of guerrilla marketing that is used to facilitate free communication with the general public," she wrote on Etsy.

It is an incredibly cost-effective way to promote the animal rights and vegan message. "

The stunt comes just weeks after Hundreds of vegan activists protested across the country shutting down main roads and chaining themselves inside abattoirs.

The protests led to 48 activists being arrested and charged.

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