The World's Richest Man Is About To Get A Whole Lot Richer, Here's Why

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos -- whose estimated net worth of $224 billion makes him the richest man in the world -- is expected to haul in hundreds of millions of dollars from Uber's public offering.

The 55-year-old tech entrepreneur was one of the early investors in the ride-hailing app.

When Uber goes public next week, it's expected to be valued at more than $114 billion. Uber said it anticipates the initial public offering will be priced between $63 and $71 per share.

Bezos invested both personally and through Benchmark, a venture capital firm known for its early-stage funding of Dropbox, Twitter, Snapchat and other successful tech companies, tech website The Information reported.

He personally sunk over $4 million into Uber for a stake now estimated to be worth almost $570 million, said The Information, citing a person familiar with the matter.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos personally sunk over $4 million into Uber for a stake now estimated to be worth almost $570 million. Image: Getty

Benchmark -- which invested $43 million -- stands to make roughly $11 billion on its early investment.

Bezos's wealth was scrutinised earlier this year when he and wife MacKenzie Bezos announced their divorce, which is expected to make her one of the richest women in the world.

The bulk of his wealth is tied to his 12 percent stake in Amazon, which is valued at more than $154 billion.

Other big winners from the Uber IPO include ousted founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, who stands to make nearly $12 billion from his 8.6 percent stake.

Co-founder Garrett Camp owns six percent of the company, held by his startup studio Expa-1. Arianna Huffington -- who joined Uber's board in April 2016 and later helped rehabilitate the company after Kalanick's departure -- owns

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Matt Cohler is listed as the largest individual shareholder, but only because he's the named director for Benchmark Capital's 11 percent share.

The largest shareholder overall is SoftBank (SB Cayman 2), which owns 222,228,000 shares (16.3 percent) of Uber. Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund -- a government-owned sovereign wealth fund -- was also an early investor and owns 72,841,000 shares (5.3 percent).