Julian Assange Remains Defiant

No surrender was the defiant message from Julian Assange as he began his fight in London against extradition to the United States.

America wants him for what it says was the largest compromise of classified information in its history Demonstrators swamped Westminster Magistrates Court although Julian Assange appeared only via video link from Belmarsh Prison.

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He was jailed on Wednesday for 50 weeks for breaching his bail when he sought asylum in the Ecuadorean Embassy seven years ago.

The United States is seeking to have the Australian born Assange extradited for helping intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning hack into the Pentagon computer system in 2010

Assange speaks to media from the embassy. Image: Getty Images.

When asked whether he would consent to extradition he refused.

 “I do not wish to surrender myself for doing journalism that has won many awards and protected many people.”

The case was adjourned initially to May 30, with the US indicated it would present a full request for extradition at a more substantial hearing on June 12.