SHELL SHOCK: Flying Turtle Smashes Into Car Windscreen

Ever seen a turtle fly? This guy has.

It started out as a standard Tuesday for John Gardner.

He was minding his own business, driving down a busy highway in Conway, South Carolina, on his way to work, when things took an unexpected turn.

A turtle, out of the blue, came crashing through his windscreen after being flicked up by a preceding truck.

"I still don't understand how it, like, the exact angle of that tyre, for it to just fling into my windshield," a shocked Gardner said.

"I was definitely surprised, because like, I couldn't even tell what it was at first because it's, like, I guess just a big, black dot coming at me, and it's, like, I couldn't move at all really," he continued.

The driver was forced to pull up, covered in glass, to phone police. The truck driver also stopped to make sure the unlucky driver was okay.

"I didn't get hurt at all, I just remember when the cops showed up, he was like, hey, you're covered in glass," said Gardner.

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The news wasn't so good for the turtle, which sadly died on impact and has since been buried.

The turtle wasn't the only thing hit hard, the driver's wallet got a hammering too, with the incident set to cost him around US$2000 -- $2,800 Aussie dollars.