Woman Comes Home To Find Alligator Ringing Her Door Bell

Karen Alfano had just moved into her brand new home, when a nosy neighbour rang her door bell.

Karen Alfano was stopped in her tracks when she saw an alligator at the door of her home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Woman Comes Home To Find Gator Ringing Door Bell. Image: Facebook/ Karen Novack Alfano

Alfano captured the whole event on camera, showing the gator climbing his way up to ring the door bell . She was astounded by what she had just seen.

"Oh my God! Can you believe that? It's just incredible, isn't it?" she said.

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Immediately after filming the curious creature, Alfano contacted local authorities to remove the two-metre alligator off her front porch. Wildlife official plan to relocate the alligator.

The South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources has told people not to call for help if alligators in populated areas are smaller than five feet (1.5 metres) long, saying young gators pose no threat to humans, according to WPDE.

The animals, they said, would eventually move along.

See you later alligator.

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