Photo Goes Viral After Women Kiss In Front Of Anti-LGBTQ Leader

An image of two young women kissing while they photobomb a selfie taken by far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini has been widely shared on social media.

The politician was taking a selfie with who he thought were supporters, but it turned out the two female students, Gaia and Matilde, were there to kiss to make a political statement.

The friends kissed in protest to the deputy prime minister's decision to attend an anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion conference in Verona in March.

Salvini's endorsement of the World Congress of Families -- an event that brings together far-right and religious leaders and activists -- has been condemned by women's and LGBTQ groups.

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Gaia posted the photo on social media sparking a debate on the internet.

Instagram user, bella garcix said, "love will always prevail, good you two beautiful souls".

The hashtag #GaiaeMatilde – the names of the two young women in the photo – has since gained traction on Twitter.

Another social media didn't think the stunt was appropriate.

Twitter user, Qinko, commented, "I don't see these two girls suggesting solutions to war problems, let's kiss in front of people who are EVIDENTLY disturbed by display of affection, let's make it in the news spotlight. You're banalizing 'love' by being selfish."

After Salvini figured out what was going on, he looked at both the girls and said, "I wish you luck".

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