Man Charged After Flushing Grandparents' Ashes Down The Loo For Revenge

Thomas Wells flushed the remains of his grandparents down the toilet to get back at his mum for kicking him out of her Pennsylvania home.

The man, 33, was left to fend for himself last September after a falling out with his mother, Denise Porter, over his drinking and smoking habits, according to the Tribune-Review.

Fast forward to February, Porter contacted police to make an official complaint about her son.

Relatives had told her that before her frustrated adult son packed his belongings and left the property, he took her parents' ashes from a memorial set up in her bedroom and flushed them down the toilet.

It was reportedly all in the name of payback.

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Wells denied the claim during a phone call with his mother but later told her via text message that he also had plans to flush her remains down a toilet after she died, according to the complaint.

On Monday, Wells was officially charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse and one of criminal mischief.

He was released on bail with a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 13.

It's not the first time a grandparent's remains have gone missing.

In October, Californian police responded to reports that a high school student made cookies sprinkled with ashes and handed them out to unknowing classmates to eat.

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In March 2015, three teenagers allegedly broke into a house in Missouri, stealing cash and a number of belongings, including what they thought was cocaine.

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The 'drugs' turned out to be the homeowner's father's ashes and were discarded on a highway after the teens tasted the difference.

There was another twist in the case: the minors had actually broken into a relatives house and the remains were their grandpa's.