Terrifying Giant Seagull Has Swooped On London Traffic

Let's be honest, all seagulls are kind of freaky. But this bird is truly absurd.

We speak of the seagull whose preferred perch is a traffic camera on London's Brunswick Road.

The seagull is either:

a) 10 metres tall and set to devour every single one of greater London's nine million citizens, flying off with humans dangling helplessly in its beak like so many chips, or;

b) just a regular bird who loves seeing itself on CCTV.

Londoners should perhaps heed the first option, just to be safe. Then again, maybe they're not that GULL-ible.

Transport for London Traffic News posted a video of the seagull, and soon updated with another "due to popular demand".

And the internet fell in love with it, and did what it does best: rolled with the joke.

For Australians, this incident may well call to mind the time about a decade ago when Channel 7 Melbourne newsreader Peter Hitchener had his own run-in with a gull of seemingly monstrous proportions.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that British seagulls appear to have yellow beaks, while our own chip-snatchers have orange beaks.

You might also notice that Hitchener said the word "burdened" right when the gull walked by. Because of course he did.