The 'Instant Six Pack' Surgery That Carves You Washboard Abs

Warning: Graphic Content

A hospital in Bangkok now offers 'instant six packs' with the help of cosmetic surgery.

Masterpiece Hospital in Bangkok is offering an instant six pack for AUD$4,000 (89,000 Thai Baht). 

But see if you can stomach these photos first.

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The procedure involves carefully sucking out the fat around the abdomen to shape – or “etch” – a high-def six-pack, according to Coconuts  Bangkok.

It takes two to four hours of surgery to get the rock hard abs, but the recovery process looks like something out of a horror movie.

The hospital receives between 20 and 30 customers each year and specifically targets those who have trouble reaching their ultimate goal.

Patient, Ome Pangpaparn, shared the results from his surgery on social media.

"One week waiting now I have to remove the drain cable. Bleeding is complete," he wrote in one post.

"I do what I can. But in the parts I can't, I leave it up to the doctor. I am confident that it will bring me more happiness," he added.