Mother Finds 25 Bite Marks On Daughter's Back After Daycare

A mother has taken to social media to express her concerns after finding 25 bite marks all over her child's back.

Alicia Martin was in tears after finding the bite marks on her 15-month-old baby -- after picking her up from Creative Beginnings Preschool in Arizona.

She said she didn’t find the marks, hidden underneath her daughter’s clothes, until she was changing her at home, according to WAFB9.

Mother finds over 25 bite marks on the child after returning from daycare. Image: Facebook - Alice Bryant

In an interview with CBS, Martin said: "the fact that they didn't notify me even when I picked her up is just, astounding."



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Martin and her husband chose the facility because it was accredited, close to work and the University of Arizona, where Alicia is attending.

Martin took to social media to express her concerns. The post has been shared over 9,000 times since Sunday.

Martin has since filed a report with Tucson Police, who say the bites appear to be from another child.

It was handed over to the Child Physical Abuse Unit and an investigation is underway.