After A Record Four-Month Dry Spell Rain Is Finally On The Way To Melbourne

Melbourne has just endured its driest first four months of the year. Fingers crossed, it's about to get wet.

The Victorian capital has counted just 49 mm of rainfall from January to the end of April.

That's the lowest on record for the first four months of the year -- and less than a quarter of the average it would normally expect over that period.

But that is forecast to change as rain hits Melbourne on Wednesday and Thursday thanks to a large low-pressure system crossing Victoria.

Unfortunately for the parks and gardens of Melbourne, and for farmers in Gippsland in eastern Victoria where the drought is biting especially hard, the rain will be only moderate in the southern half of the state.

Only 10 mm or so is predicted for Melbourne, and even less in Gippsland.

Reservoirs across Victoria look a lot like this right now. (Photo by Ashley Cooper/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images)

But it's a different story for the north of the state where up to 80 mm is tipped to fall in the next three days. Large parts of southern and central NSW are also tipped to receive a drenching.

While Victoria is almost entirely drought-affected at the moment, 99 percent of NSW remains in drought right now too. Fingers crossed for farmers everywhere.